Welcome!  It’s nice to have You join us in the interchange of
Unconditioned Love.  Are You holding that Energy strongly yet?

All of our blogs and Guides are written with LOVE Energy being the Foundational Element of All Of Creation.
I call it “THE LOVE”.

Much of the material I use comes from the Wisdom of all types of sages and “Masters”, etc …people like You and I, and our Children, GrandChildren, Parents, GrandParents, the guy at the market, the girl at the shop, as well and those of local and world acclaim, both real and imaginary.

So today, I begin with the words attributed to PETER PAN…


I would like to take that up a notch to
Let’s take a look at this.

To some this may seem to be the same. However, being the Frequency Scientist that I am, allow me to delve into the energetic frequency of words and that energetic movement in the Quantum and finer Fields.

As I meet people repeatedly, they often make a statement like…  “You’re so happy all the time.”

Most often, I quickly respond with “I am not Happy at all.”

This sets them aback a moment til I go on to explain:   “Happiness is an emotion. Emotions come and go, rise and fall.  I am in JOY!  Joy is a state of BEing. When You are in a state, it is consistent and long lasting.    …and if You are into that state “deep enough” …at a strong enough vibrational frequency, You NEVER leave it!”

Some smile and walk away, shaking their heads, perhaps thinking “weirdo!”.  ; >)

Others pause, then smile and say from their Heart, “Thank You.”

Another thing people ask me is: “What do You think about…”  or  “Do You think…?”

Again, I most often offer a quick reply:  “I do my best not to think at all!”

And as they begin to assess that statement, I follow with: “Thinking is a function of the brain.  I do my best to ‘Feel’ rather than think.  Feeling comes from the Heart.”

I usually stop there as it brings a similar outcome as above.

But on occasion, I add  “…and the seed of the Heart is Love”

And that’s the basics in Attitude differences among
Some work with what comes from their brain
and others work with what comes form their Heart.

What shows up often from the brain thinkers is generally some kind of an analysis   …which often results in frequency levels like confusion, worry, depression, and /or fear.   …which can escalate to things like upset, anger, hate and violence.
{For more on this, please read the “Pocket Guide” ~ “Could You Be Squander The  Magic Of LOVE?  …A How, A Why, and a Solution”.}

What shows up from the Heart feelers is some frequency of the Energy of Love  …which ALWAYS results in “higher” vibrating frequency levels …like Joy, or Compassion, or Appreciation, or Gratitude, or Beauty, even Bliss.

We are blest that in today’s world of reality, “quantum” science and even finer levels science are able to document these phenomenon, in and out of the laboratory.

But in our every day world, there is no need to rely on science for this, going into THE LOVE Energy within the quiet space of the Heart gives us stuff like confirmation, direction and, in quiet listening moments, perhaps answers and solutions.    …and always Peace.

I have a favorite quote thru Ester Hicks:

“Find thoughts that feel good, because it is inevitable that you are going to always be moving toward something. So why not be moving toward something that is pleasing? You can’t cease to vibrate, and Law of Attraction {a Universal Law…”like attracts like”} will not stop responding to the vibration that you are offering. So, expansion is inevitable. You provide it, whether you know you do, or not. The only question is, what is the standard of joy that you are demanding for yourself?
From your Non-physical perspective, it’s a high, high standard.”

Fairey Dust comes thru our Imagining(s).
Thinking comes thru our brains.
Feeling comes thru our Hearts’ Love Energy.

We can fly with a sprinkling from our brain Imagining(s)  and thinking a Happy thought


We can fly even higher with a sprinkling from our Heart Imagining(s) and feeling THE LOVE in our Hearts.

Which do You choose?   For me, I choose THE LOVE, of course!

Love Always, Love Now, Only Here, Only Now, Only Here.
{…meaning Be Present with THE LOVE in this Eternal Moment
…Always Unceasing and Unconditioned.}

Have a Joyous Journey!
…and Prosper!!!
L’iv  ~ thanks for coming to this blog.
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