LOVE! from Anonymous

Aloha to You!  A warm welcome and appreciation is extended to You for joining with us in this moment of sharing.

As mentioned in the last blog, much of the material I use comes from the Wisdom of all types of sages and “Masters”, etc …people like You and I, and our Children, GrandChildren, Parents, GrandParents, the guy at the market, the girl at the shop, as well and those of local and world acclaim, both real and imaginary.

And All of our blogs and Guides are written with LOVE Energy being the Foundational Energy of All of Creation.
I call it “THE LOVE”.

It’s the message that is important not who the Author is.  So, the body of today’s expansion of LOVE comes from a “Master” who will, for the moment, remain anonymous due to possible cultural, religious, spiritual and perhaps political biases.  As the Sun shines and Nature rains on Every One, so does THE LOVE.

We ask You to Imagine this message coming to YOU as advice from the person YOU most revere with LOVE, who demonstrates LOVE the most, in your Life’s Journey, present day, in history and in herstory  …to be politically correct. ;>)  .
{Emphasis by L’iv.}

“LOVE! It is the summary of the {Universl} Law , and my only Message. Such a short word, yet it takes the experiences of whole lifetimes richly lived to invest it with substantial, intelligible meaning, It was my wish – and my effort – to approach all of life’s problems and situations in an attitude of love toward the self and all others involved, and to follow love’s promptings in all circumstances. I missed on some occasions, as we all do, but I tried. All other commandments, codes, customs and laws are but man-made restraints upon the immature – social habits to be followed until one has found freedom in the law of loving.

Love should be free. Let love invent its own creative forms of expression. I was free of the Law to be fully me.{Name withheld.}  So was Francis of Assisi. Two among many Americans folk-heroes whose lives were weird but wonderful expressions of love, were Johnny Appleseed (who planted trees that bore good fruit for Indians and white settlers alike and Peace Pilgrim (who walked her thousands of miles, without plans or funds, trusting in God only, to demonstrate peace through love. Their actual names are forgotten, but their lives are enshrined in the nickname which their love earned. Yet neither they not I should be copied slavishly. Let your love show you your gifts and the way You should go.

“But how do you get turned onto love? How does one learn to love love – to desire to be loving? Even those who admit its importance have difficulty here. You can’t think about it and pray for it without having some idea of what it is. You just can’t learn to love in a vacuum. There are so many things -particularly early in life – to fear and get angry with. Even after you learn to love everyone, in the sense of recognizing the divinity in them and wishing them well, there remain many who you don’t enjoy, don’t like, don’t wish to be around. This is inevitable, and nothing to feel guilty about. But learning to love is difficult.”   ~ Anonymous for now.

The Author goes on to tell the story of what worked for her/him in answer to the questions above.

We leave You with these questions for You to determine for YOUR Self, YOUR Journey in YOUR Life!

Allow me to give You 1 of the FUNdamental Steps in Unconditional LOVE.
…SURRENDER… get to Know Surrender!
Learning to LOVE is difficult until you Know Surrender.
Once You have fully Mastered this, LOVE comes easy!

For more on this see our Guide:
How to Love Every One Unconditionally …the Magic of Life!
subtitled: FUNdamental Steps in Unconditional Love.

The Author gives You a tool in obtaining these answers:
Let your love show You your gifts
and the way You should go.
Yet, the Journey is yours!

How do I get turned onto love?

How do I learn to love love –

to desire to be loving?

Unconditioned Love really is  …the Magic of Life!

In-Joy your Journey!!
…and Prosper!!!
L’iv   ~  Thanks for showing up and exploring this.
If you feel LOVE may better some One’s Life,
tell them where You found us.

 “The nature of the master must be to give out Love
to inspire others to regive Love.”
~ Lao & Walter Russell

p.s.“Peace Pilgrim”  ~ Perhaps she has some keys for You too in these 5 quotes:

 “Pure love is a willingness to give without a thought of receiving anything in return.”

“The way of peace is the way of love. Love is the greatest power on earth. It conquers all things.”

“If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought”.

“When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.”

“We are all cells in the body of humanity”

 to order her book:
Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words
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