Would You Think It Odd?

Would You think it odd if Hafiz said,

“I am in love with every church
And mosque
And temple
And any kind of shrine

Because I know it is there
That people say the different names
Of the ONE God.”

Would You tell your friends
I was a bit strange if I admitted

I am indeed in love with every mind
and heart and body.

O I am sincerely
Plumb crazy
About your every thought and yearning
And Limb

Because, my dear,
I know
That it is through these

That you search for Him.

~ Hafiz

Daniel Ladinsky has translated much of Hafiz’s work.
Three such books are “I Heard God Laughing”,  “The Gift” and “The Subject Tonight Is Love”.

The great poet and writer
Ralph Waldo Emerson stated:
“Hafiz is the Poet’s Poet.
… If I could be anyone,
I would choose to be Hafiz.”


I really In-Joy Hafiz.  He is a Persian poet of the 1300s. He was of a family of meager means. Hafiz was a baker’s apprentice to assist his family financially and to put himself thru some schooling/training in various areas. But the most of his learnings and knowings came from his daily life experiences of which a big part was of the quiet time of going inward and communicating with the Source of Creation, whom he often refers to as “Friend” and “Beloved”. Ladinsky uses the word God frequently, I do not know if it is Hafiz or Ladinsky who used this word often for the “Being” called “God”. Hafiz surely uses other terms. as well. It is through his connection With-In that Hafiz’s KNOWINGs came forth and his witnessing that we truly are One with the Creative Source.  …One Humanity, One Planet, One Consciousness, One Creative Source, One LOVE!

LOVE is all there is!
Live LOVE, …and Prosper!!!


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