BE In-Joy with opening your Heart thru “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”.

A very informative and Heart rendering movie to assist us in the ways of Unconditioned Love. It demonstrates that things are not always as they may seem,  showing that we truly effect one another, and  WE ARE ONEThis content can move One thru judgement, guilt and blame into Grace, Gratitude, and Unconditional Love.  If I were a betting person, I would bet that before the movie is over AT LEAST ONE of your eyes would be moistened.  ;>)

The Five People You Meet in Heaven   2h11m44s   Jon Voight

“On his 83rd birthday, Eddie (Jon Voight), a war vet and a maintenance worker at the Ruby Pier amusement park, dies while trying to save a girl who is sitting under a falling ride. When he awakens in the afterlife, he encounters five people with ties to his corporeal existence who help him understand the meaning of his life.”

Published on Youtube Jan 14, 2014 by Steffe Norberg.
Thank You so kindly, Steffe.
~ Continued Bliss~ings. Blessings and Inspirations to You.

 Live LOVE,  and Prosper!!! ~ L’iv 


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