“Introducing Peace Pilgrim…

YOU MAY SEE HER walking through your town or along the highway— a silver haired woman dressed in navy blue slacks and shirt, and a short tunic with pockets all around the bottom in which she carries her only worldly possessions. It says “PEACE PILGRIM” on the front of the tunic and “25,000 Miles On Foot for Peace” on the back. She has walked the 25,000 miles  [before she stopped counting].

She continues to walk for her vow is: “I shall remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter and fasting until I am given food.” She walks without a penny in her pockets and she is not affiliated with any organization. She walks as a prayer and as a chance to inspire others to pray and work with her for peace.

She speaks to individuals along the way, to gatherings such as church groups or college groups, through newspapers, magazines, radio, television— relating interesting and meaningful experiences, discussing peace within and with out. She feels we have learned that war is not the way to peace — that security does not lie in the stockpile of bombs. She points out that this is a crisis period in human history, and that we who live in the world today must choose between a nuclear war of annihilation and a golden age of peace. Although she does not ask to see results, thousands of letters testify that her journey has not been in vain— saying in effect, “Since talking with you I’ve decided that I should be doing something for peace also.”  

(This message was printed on a brief leaflet, a few copies of which Peace Pilgrim carried in her tunic in order to introduce herself.)”   ~ Reprinted from “PEACE PILGRIM ~ Her Life and Work in Her Own Words”  ISBN 0-943734-01-0   Compiled by some of her friends.


She began walking in 1952 and continued until she could walk no more, into the 1980s. Her work continues thru “Friends of Peace Pilgrim”, http://www.peacepilgrim.org, P.O. Box 2207 Shelton Conneticutt 06484 ~ 203.926.1581

Little did Peace Pilgrim know that war upon the planet was orchestrated by an international group of Banksters who bribed governments and power seekers to follow their dictates or be eliminated or have their families tortured and/or murdered, or maybe she did!  {See the works of John Perkins “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and more, such as General Smedley Butler in “War is Hell” as they and others blow the whistle on the CIA, IMF, The World Bank, and various governments and corporations.}

 Aside from this,


A few of her quotes….

“Remember that one who does an unworthy deed
is in reality psychologically sick,
and should be regarded with as much compassion
as one who is physically sick.

Remember that no one can hurt you except yourself.
If someone does a mean thing to you, that person is hurt.
You are not really hurt unless you become embittered,
or unless you become angry
and perhaps do a mean thing in return.”


“ONCE I WAS ASKED, “What do peace pilgrims do?”
A peace pilgrim prays and works for peace within and without.
A peace pilgrim accepts the way of love as the way of peace,
and to depart from the way of love
is to depart from the way of a peace pilgrim…”


“Every good thing you do,
every good thing you say,
every good thought you think,
vibrates on and on and never ceases.
The evil remains only until it is overcome by the good,
but the good remains forever.”


“Little people of the world, let us never feel helpless again.
Let us remember that if enough of us ask together
even very big things like world disarmament
and world peace will be granted.

Let’s ask together!”


“Remember this:
Be still and know that I am God.

Don’t ever forget who you are!
You cannot be where God is not.”


“Looking thru the eyes of the Divine Nature
you see the Essence within the manifestation,
the Creator within the creation,
and it is a wonderful, wonderful world!”


Thank You Peace Pilgrim for your Life’s grand examples.

PEACE unto All Beings!
“War is unhealthy for Children and other Living Things!”
Live LOVE, and Prosper!!! ~ L’iv



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