Another World Leadership spokesperson steps forward with a true Message of PEACE, LOVE & PROSPERITY,


The Dragon Family is said to have stewardship over
the re-distibuition of Planetary Wealth
for the benefit of ALL of Humanity.


This message could change your attitude
and Life forever!

…and that of your children and their children
…and their children, ad infinitum.

Humanity is One!
There is no “them” & “us”!”

as soon as You
Stop Supporting/Feeding the Illusions of the “Dark Forces”.

Walk away from supporting them! NOW!!!

This Means YOU!

>>>  especially military and police enforcers & media persons
who cover-up the truth and spread the propaganda of the “string-pullers”.  …such as a 2 party system…
“There is no 2 party system in America!”
It’s all One cabal of banksters, corporatists, corrupt politicians, and elite-ists
pitting Humanity against itself…

Sisters & Brothers against Bothers & Sisters.

 The FREEDOM is in our collaborative UNITY!


Published on Jun 20, 2014
by paradoxman316    Ron Van Dyke

Meet the Ambassador as he answers questions from Ron, including:”

>>>What is the Dragon Family?

>>>What is the Dragon Family’s vision for humanity at this time?

>>>What are the primary obstacles to making that vision a reality?

>>>Is the Dragon Family in charge of the collateral accounts we’ve heard about?

>>>How will resources be distributed to uplift humanity from lack consciousness?

>>>What is expected of us as humans?

Ron’s last question is personal:

>>>What drew The Family’s attention to me? Why me?

Thank Ron for Being Who You  are and have been over the years to effect this message at this moment.
Thank You Ambassador for Being Who You are to carry this message to us.

To each of You, I most humbly bow to your Magnificence.

Always Live LOVE, and Always Prosper!!! ~ L’iv


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