True story: “The Ron Clark Story” video is an excellent example of Unconditioned Love, Compassion, & Dedicated Service by a superb Teacher ~ Matthew Perry as Ron Clark

Thru Ron’s demonstration of LOVE, Compassion,
Understanding, Exploration, Dedication, Innovation in finding Solutions, relationship building and more,
Ron works to inspire his class of “the worst students”
with amazing Life changes despite the challenges
put before him and them.  

This is a Heart-felt family movie of every day dilemmas,
subtle Humor, Authenticity, Integrity, and Ingenuity,
which we all can learn from.
It can beset You with tears and smiles.


This true Life story of Ron Clark, a mid-school teacher in a small town,
and after 4 years in a school “doing what they always do”,
he comes to the conclusion that since he teaches his students
to “Dream Big! & Take Risks” he should follow his own advice.
It’s time to move on so he goes to New York City
because they are hungry for good teachers.


The.Ron.Clark.Story   ~ Matthew Perry as Ron Clark
1h26m49s Published by Alvaro


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