In Some Moments, The SEED OF LOVE NEEDS A WHILE TO BLOSSOM ~ as in A Father’s “GIft”.

‘Gift’ is a must watch short film (7m30s) that has a profound, heart-touching message about the importance of giving, and the true value of wealth.
It’s a beautiful depiction of how we deeply touch others when we selflessly give our time, love and kindness.

“Gift” is about a boy who grew up not liking his father because he believed he was poor, unintelligent and unsuccessful, but his father had a secret.

It was only until after his father’s death he discovers the true reach of his father’s generosity towards others and the joy and laughter he brought to others.
He finally understands his father’s message to him as a boy, that

“being rich is not about how much you have,
but how much you can give.”

No more to be said.
The video says it all.
You watch, You win!
You pass, You miss.

Your choice!

Original Source:
Gift – Singapore Inspiration Drama Short Film // 7m30s

Published on Mar 6, 2014
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This Boy Never Saw His Dad As An Inspiration. Until He Found Out His Big Secret
A son confronts the resentment towards his father only to realise his true intentions.

2nd-ary Source:
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