What “SURRENDERING” actually means…

We are asked again and again to Surrender to the Divine but how many of us actually know what it means to Surrender?

We grasp the concept but not all of us grasp the work involved.

Original article: Posted by Alfie on March 13, 2015
You Are Loved Beyond Measure ~

Here’s a few tips to what you can do to complete full Surrender :

{You can also find more on Surrender (p 92 & 93) as 1 of the” FUNdamental Steps in Unconditioned LOVE” (P 60 & 99) thru “HowToLOVEveryOneUncoditionally.com” ”…The Magic Of Life!”
sub-titled “FUNdamental Steps in
Unconditioned LOVE.}


>>>Learn self acceptance<<<
~ this is to say, you accept what you cannot change and change what you cannot accept. Bit of a mind fiddle but if you were born with, I dunno, a disability that affects your weight and there is not a ‘fix’ available to you then you accept it but if it’s a case of weight gain via over-eating, you change that until you can accept yourself. That isn’t to say, you cannot have hang-ups, just that you accept you are perfectly imperfect and accept you are the best you can be in the present time.

>>>Learn self-love<<<
~ again, self-acceptance plays a big role in this. But to learn self-love is no easy challenge and you may have to keep repeating this lesson until it sticks. Self-love is treating ourselves kindly and with the same respect we treat others, to the best of our greatest good. If you are a naturally loving person, this may be easy for you. The trick is listening to your own inner dialogue and keeping it on a positive note. You may also what to step away from yourself ocassionally to make sure you are treating yourself and your body kindly and lovingly.

>>>Stop worrying!<<<
~ the biggest lesson most us humans have is trusting ourselves and the world around us. Not that hard to believe given the current state of the world and all the conditioned templates we have. But working towards the motto, ‘EVERYTHING IS GOING EXACTLY HOW IT SHOULD BE AND IN DIVINE ACCORDANCE WITH YOUR GREATER GOOD’, will get you there. Surrendering to the divine is hard when you aren’t trusting what’s within and above you. Everything will work out and if it doesn’t, it’s to teach you something you must learn. To not fully trust is to not fully Surrender.

>>>Follow your dreams and be YOU<<<
~ to be One with the creator, is to be true to yourself. Find your soul purpose and live it. Even if you do not know what it is but have a vague idea…follow that. Do not think you are, know you are.

>>>Shadow-work your ass off!!! <<<
~ Do the inner work. Trust me, it makes life easier. Yes, it’s painful and not nice but it will clear a path for the Source/Creator to communicate better with you. Heal old wounds, forgive, change what you do not like inwards and outwards…heal.

>>>Let go – yes, let everything go.<<<
~ Do not hold on. Follow the flow of life. Disattach and reattach but never stay attached.

>>>Believe in what YOU Know<<<
~ this means to stand in your truth. Never mind what others think or say or do…it’s not important. What’s important is to stay true to you and be in power of your own life.

>>>Learn to love others<<<
~ with all your heart. Love, love, love. Do not expect a return, just love regardless. Expectation is where people fail. Love has no conditions, expecting a return of love IS A CONDITION. Learn unconditional love with no ‘reward’ or ‘exchange’ and you will find that it flows and returns to you so much quicker and smoothly.

>>>Be non-judgemental and do not be scared of being judged<<<
~ this is also an issue with us humans due to the pesky ego. Find self, you will realise no opinions of others matter and niether do yours. Those that do matter, don’t mind and those that do mind, don’t matter.

>>>Remember money doesn’t make you rich <<<
~ stop trying to get that bigger car, bigger house, better-paid job because, quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. Money doesn’t have a home in the realms of Our Lord. Richness comes from gratitude for what we already have and what others express to us.

>>>Moaning will hold you back<<<
~ even when things get painful or uncomfortable, remember there’s a reason for it and live in that reason rather than trying to escape it. Learn from it. Be grateful for the lessons that come your way. Surrender to the path you are taking.

>>>Surrender to yourself!!!<<<
~ surrendering to God is a two-way street as we are God…well, anchors of His, so Surrendering to ourselves is Surrendering to the Creator in a way. Learn this. You are what you eat, you are what you think, you are what you surround yourself with.

~ this I cannot stress enough. Meditation builds a better relationship to the Divine, even if you cannot feel it just yet. Take note, that when you meditate, you have a clear line to The Source and ‘His’ Divine counterparts.

It’s just a few tips, to learn more you can ask on the forums or Google information.

This info isn’t fact, it’s what I have learnt and what I am learning so take what resonates with you but do not take it as truth – my truth is different from your own and I’m not by any means trying to walk you down a path I do not belong and have no right to do in the first place. I just want to help at least one person become a better individual. If I do that, then I’m doing my job as it takes just one person to change the world and that, my friends, could well be you. <3

Original article: Posted by Alfie on March 13, 2015 at 3:25 PM
You Are Loved Beyond Measure ~
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