Seeing your Self Through the Eyes of Others

How do You see You? 

We see the Beauty in You, do You?

We should know our own faces better than anyone. We have grown up with them. We see them in the mirror. And yet we often fail to see the beauty that others see in us. As the great psychotherapist Carl Jung wrote, “The most terrifying thing is to accept ourselves completely.”

This VERY INTERESTING & REVEALING short video, presented by the consumer products company Unilever’s Dove brand, explores the difference between self-perception and the way we are seen by others by documenting an interesting experiment: a forensic artist prepared sketches based on the self descriptions of a number of women as well as portraits based on the description of people who had only just met them. The results were eye-opening.
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A follow up to this is to read our Pocket Guide “A Onederful Game to Play with Every One” which is about eye gazing to the Beauty You see in another unfolded in YOU!   Try It and reveal to You the inner YOU!{  or}

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