What makes my Heart Bloom?

Greetings Beloveds,
Just for today …
Consider setting aside an hour (though even 10 mins will do!)
to enter the silence, settle into center and listen to the space
between each breath.
As you do, ask yourself this question, inviting the answer to
come through, while being fully open to receiving:

What makes my Heart Bloom?

Another question might be:
What DreamSeeds are ready to activate within me?

or simply
What is my intention or vision for this 42 day journey?

Beloveds, these questions are one way to begin the journey, a
jumping off point, so to speak.  You may already have a specific
question or intention for this 42 Day journey – grow with this.
However you choose to begin is perfect for YOU.

Now, as you enter the silence of meditation and reflection,
imagine your question, or intention, is activating and awakening
a Dream Seed held at the center of your Being.

Let go and let your Dream Seed grow …
peacefully allowing visions and sensations to flow; inspiration and
revelations to rise; clarity and joy to BLOOM and grow inside.

With appreciation …

witness each image, sensation, emotion, vision or thought-stream
flowing, allowing this energy in motion to be experienced fully,
wholly and presently
 knowing what is growing on is True for You

and is a direct-revelation through initiation of the activation of
Dream Seeds at the Heart of Love, at the Heart of YOU.

When complete with the meditation/activation session, give
yourself a few deep breaths with Thanks and Appreciation.
Allow space for integration and contemplation.

Record what comes thru, preferably in a journal dedicated to the
Blooming Humans experience.  Share, as inspired.

So, What is a Dream Seed?

A Dream Seed is a creation-capsule, designed to activate and
grow into unique-to-you dreams, visions or callings.    A  Source
Coded, Universal-yet-Personal container for expressing
impressions of Love, present in our Hearts, carried forward
for this moment in time and now activating, sparking and coming
to Life!

Remember, you are joined on this 42 Day journey by multitudes
across the face of Changing Mother Earth, too!  Our unified focus
creates a resonance field, as our collective intent opens the way for
life-affirming transformation.

By sharing a common vision and focus, we are calibrating and unifying
our Hearts, while maintaining a vibrant, creative space for integrating
the power-filled energies arriving Now.  WoW!

Just imagine what will happen as multitudes across the face of
creation activate their Dream Seeds, too: A Garden of Illuminated
Hearts … Unity … Peace … Thrive-ability … Just to name a few.

Who knows what will sprout and grow!

Remember, whatever visions, ideas, insights or feelings come
thru … is perfect for you.  Be gentle with the Self.  Trust and allow
the procession to unfold.  A seed does not become a Tree overnight,
it grows, blooms, and fruits in alignment with cyclic time.  True to
our own Divine Nature, there is no hurry or worry … rather a daily
journey revealing the Beauty of Being.

It is true for US … for our visions, intentions and DreamSeeds, too!
For this space of 42 days, we are here to provide a daily dose of
Love, Gratitude, nourishment and inspiration as you activate,
tender, bloom and harvest Dream Seed ready and present
at the Heart of YOU.

We’ve also set up a Facebook page to connect, share and record
the journey.  Please join us here:

Thank you for making the profound choice to begin.
We look forward to the journey ahead … and into our Hearts.

Here we grow, Beloveds… here we GROW!

Stacey Robyn
and the ground crew of Blooming Humans

With Love-filled Hearts, we give thanks.
It is so, and so it IS.
Blessed BE!

Ukehi Shi’bijii (Thank you for being our heart)
Ashne ate (We are Love always)
                             42 Day Blooming Humans
Unity Wave

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