Definitive Benchmarks on Relationships

Download Definitive Benchmarks on Relationships (pdf 113 KB)

“Definitive Benchmarks” is here as a tool to evaluate the energetic level, the

Frequency of Relationships being Experienced …for Harmony, Balance and Love.


 is s/he totally open

     to give of her/himself

                  in Sacredness?….

                      for me…            … to me

                        ….because of the Sacredness I stir in her/him

                  …because of Sacred Love?


can s/he?….does s/he?….

      fully Surrender to me

            fully Surrender to Love……



in the “Adoration” meaning of seeing me…

        without  flaws

              without  imperfections

                      without  judgments…

                    …truly Divine…..

                              does s/he Adore me or merely Admire me?  

 is s/he with me at a state of

          Unlimited Unconditional Love?

                    …a state of Unlimited Unconditional In-Love?       

 will s/he give……

     of her/his Life’s Passions

                        in my BE-half?   {not that s/he has to, but would.}  


in concert with BEING

        With-In her/himself….

               is BEING With me,

                               both separately

                                      and together with me,

                                        her/his MOST Treasured

                                                  of her/his Life’s Passions?


is s/he just “missing” me?…

     does s/he see beyond the Depth of me?…..

                        to the In-finity of me?

                        to the Divinity of me?


does s/he See

           and Recognize

                and Appreciate

                     the Beauty in me in EVERY moment ?!!!


 does s/he see me as the God/Goddess Divine that I AM?

           does s/he treat me as the God/Goddess Divine, which I AM?

                      does s/he really KNOW the God/Goddess Divine I AM !?!!!


 am I Willing to accept my Life-Love Partner

          in matching

             these same states, values and attributes?


am I Willing to Give less than these?

           am I Willing to Accept less that these?



how much of Love am I Willing to Give????


         how much of Love am I Willing to Accept???