“The nature of the master must be to give out Love
to inspire others to regive Love.”
~ Lao & Walter Russell

We See the Beauty in You, Do You?!!!

Live LOVE and Prosper Society

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It was on Sunday morning, January 11, of 2009, an auspicious master number date of 1.11.11, that the message came to me {L’iv ~ Steward of Live LOVE and Prosper Society, and of Precious Mother Earth} in the Knowing and the Physicality and in the Imaging of the appeared Message, that I was to immediately cease teaching folks how to create Family Banks, and instead “Assist in the Expansion of Unconditioned LOVE” as my full-“time” Life Experience and commitment. …and in the primary tasking is this website which, simply put, is Having LOVE Go Viral thru the Creation of

LOVE has played such a Precious, Beauteous, and predominant role in my Life. Not that my Life had been drama free, and without emotional pain, sorrow, disappointment, grief and Heart-ache, etc. In my Releasings, Growth, Expansion, seasoned with Surrender and Vulnerability, I have come to Know that Divine Sovereignty is a High vibration in the Energy of Unconditioned LOVE.

Right NOW, Divine Sovereignty frequency in “THE LOVE” Energy is alive and well and is Blossoming here on/in/around and thru Mother Earth this Spring of 2015.

Having been shackled and oppressed in many ways physically, economically, emotionally, spiritually, consciously, etc., BEings across this Island Paradise of Mother Earth, floating in the Grand Cosmos, are calling forth for their Divine Freedoms, as it was written in this Experiential Adventure Movie that we play out here in the Learning Laboratory of Earth. I say that William Shakespeare had it correct with “The world is a stage and each must play their part”. This also means no judgments on ours or another’s role.

To assist in re-storing this Particle of Creation’s Gift for us of Mother Earth, and hence We, scientifically and spiritually documented and continually merging and melding, are drifting along on our chartered course within and thru the Universal Energies, and especially now as our Milky Way Galaxy, inclusive of our Earthly abode, are passing for the next 1,000+ years thru a “photon belt” of Light Energy, that assists every energetic micro-atomic particle in our Existence to evolve in becoming more imbued with the Light of LOVE’s harmonious rhythmic balance of the very structure of our current physical make-up. THE MOMENT IS NOW, for us to Co-Create, in Loving collaboration the New Earth as we Intend it to be, NOW. …a close, if not exact quote of Martin Luther King, who stated so simply and eloquently, “I have a dream…

…the day will come when We no-longer even remember the word ‘War’ ”

We see this newness of, for, and with Mother Earth and with-In each of us:

~ where all Abundance flourishes Blessing Every One with a symbiotic exchange of Unconditioned LOVE, Honor, and Respect for all BE,ings, seen and unseen, because of LOVE, ItSelf.

~ where BEings of all varieties enter into Loving Relationships because we are intending to Help, Serve, and Support each other in the “others” dreams being fulfilled, because of the Joy and “THE LOVE” such Expands which it brings to them, then moves beyond to other Creative Fields, and in the process, Surrendering our Selves to LOVE .

~ where all of the former ways and beliefs that incurred limitation, obedience, obligation, and involuntary servitude are forever gone, because of LOVE.

~ where formal and/or implied laws are non-existent at all, because we have evolved to the point where we are living in a Loving world, because of LOVE;

~ where there is absence of any approval, “blessings”, control, registry, certification, notification, license, permission, taxation, remuneration, or otherwise, from any government, or other body, or social politic in order to function in a society other than our Natural state of Being, and enjoining together, due to our Divine Sovereign state of BEing, and because of LOVE.

~ where the way we pledge our Love amongst our Selves, We retain our personal and collective Freedoms and Rights, within our relatings among us, because of LOVE.

~ where everyone is doing Personal Responsibility, and Joyfully, Openly, and Freely expressing our mutual LOVE, because we are…

…imbued with the Trueness of Divine LOVE, Unconditioned AND realized.

We do this because we have learned that Sharing, Surrendering, Being Vulnerable, Letting go of All Attachments, Honoring and Respecting All, and Giving Freely of All things, concepts and creations, Knowing that LOVE rewards the Giving of Itself with even greater LOVE.

THUS IS HOW those who truly care for Divine “others” and our true Divine Selves relate in expressing the ONEness of LOVE.

THUS IS HOW Live LOVE and Prosper Society has come to this Moment to magnify our Divine Sovereignty of this Community and of each Member by enjoining in collaborative Treaty with Sovereign Divinity and of like Hearted who choose to be the Community of New Earth BEings assisting in the Expansion of Unconditioned LOVE.

We now present our Preamble and Constitution thru and with the New Earth Treaty, with already nearly 10 Million Sisters and Brothers globally in mutual declaration to this Divine & Sovereign principle, in about 1 year {as of 4.10.2015}. Rather than in separation, we choose NOW to be in Unity of our Co-Creative Universe. One Race, One Humanity, One Earth, supported by our mutually contracts, Treaties in LOVE, and individual and combined Divinity Sovereignship, realized here with our BeLOVEd Mother Earth, each Personally Responsible in opening to BE LOVE, ITSelf.


Have FUN & In-JOY with us in the Assisting in the Expansion of Unconditional LOVE!


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