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Land Resource Guide of Live Love and Propser.

Live LOVE & Prosper Society

… assisting with the

… to inspire others

We See the Beauty You Are, do You?!!!


Live LOVE and Prosper Society is a not for monetary profit (we all profit from Love), charitable, benevolent, educational, global *ministry of LOVE assisting planetary experiences in opening to and holding the frequency of Unconditioned Love.

(* A ministry is a person or thing in Service accomplishing something.)

One simple way we do this is thru actively participating each day in intended acts of kindness and benevolence, as they seemingly randomly occur, creating opportunities before us in sharing LOVE. “Paying it Forward” is one way to make this contagious! If you have not seen the movie (Pay It Forward) …check it out!

As each Human comes to Know they each are a spark of the Divine Primal Creative Source of Everything… the All that Is, all our relationships become Divine Relationships.

Together we are all connected in the ONE foundational Energy of Creation. We recognize this All Present, All Knowing Energy, and in the English language, referring to It as “THE LOVE” Others may use the words: God, Allah, Universe, Consiousness, Creator, Supreme Being, the Force, etc. It’s all GOoD …and GOoD is LOVE! … ALL “THE LOVE”!!!

We ARE ONE …just as the Aspen grove is intertwined with their roots in the soil of the Earth and breathe from the one firmament of the sky, sharing the rain and sun without squabbling, Surrendering to the Whole, assisting so closely interwoven that they are of One Consciousness, so too are the Humans One in the All of Creation. In the translated* words of the 14th century Persian Poet, Hafiz:

“…But let’s keep playing.
Let’s go deeper, Go deeper.
For if we do,
Our spirits will embrace
And Interweave.
Our Union will be so glorious
That even God will no be able to tell us apart.

There is a Onederful game
We should play with Every One
And it goes like this…”

~ Hafiz translation by Daniel Ladinsky

Our mission is to assist Humanity to Its Divine mastership

reached in the Unconditioned State of LOVE

as expressed so well by Lao and Walter Russell:

“The nature of the master must be to give out Love to inspire others to regive Love.”

Are you presently open to join with us in this?

If not now, when will You be ready for Surrendering to “THE LOVE” ?

LOVE is ALL there IS!
LOVE is always the answer!!
Unconditional LOVE IS The Magic of Life!!
Live LOVE … and PROSPER !!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . InJoy your Journey …
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . L’iv