*LOVE’s Triangulation Process

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Picture a triangle.

At the base, the 2 corners of the triangle is You and the person You desire to commune with.

At the Apex, call in your HIGHEST SELF (some call this GOD Presence) to be meet with the HIGHEST SELF of the person with whom You would like connection. This eliminates the ego/persona from interference with the message.

Ask the other person’s HIGHEST SELF to convey the message to your intended recipient.

The energetic message will pass to them to their “Core of Heart Essence”, without ego/persona filtering.

To complete the triangulation, send UNCONDITIONED LOVE to them.

HOWEVER, not in like a laser beam way, rather radiate an “Orb of LOVE”. One that either comes up gentle near their field, or softly encompasses their field. Ask and You will be guided as which to use.

Since we are in a world of “Free Choice”, this allows the messaging to come thru, and they have choice as to how much LOVE they choose to open to in their Life.

They may open to ALL You send, … or some … or none.

You now have done what You can do, and BE. SOOO000… be unattached as to the outcome.

REMEMBER, they have their Journey, and You have no clue as what is for them to Experience on their Journey …or When!

TIP: The amplitude of THE LOVE Energy You radiate combined with THE LOVE’s sub-frequencies of Desire, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Appreciation, Peace, etc. can be important.

You will be guided, if needs be, KNOWING that “THE LOVE” already KNOWS what is best for their Journey NOW.



…remember to Live LOVE …and Prosper!!!




♥ ♥ ♥


What I have experienced that works well for me:

After I have completed this process, I imagine this completed triangle with all it’s Energy. I move the triangle to my “High Heart”.  {That’s the Sacred Area/Chamber of your Heart where the very first cell from your Conception resides, some say “God Cell”.  Just as You have seen pictures of Black Holes in the Universe, there are black holes in each of your cells.}  I point the apex to the opening of this vortex and release it on it’s Journey into the Black Hole and into the Higher Planes of Existence where it’s Energy merges with the Prime Creative Force.  Some call this God, Allah, etc.  I call It ‘THE LOVE”.

Live LOVE  …and Prosper!!! ~L’iv


There are many sacred and beautiful places on Earth to visit and find soslace but the most sacred of all places within the universe resides within your very own Heart.