“The nature of the master must be to give out Love
to inspire others to regive Love.”
~ Lao & Walter Russell

We See the Beauty in You, Do You?!!!

Live LOVE and Prosper Society

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We exist in accordance with the Laws of Creation
which ARE DIVINE, and called Natural Law.
The 5 Principles of Creation:

  1. WE EXIST ~ there is nothing WE can do about this. We always have and …We always will.
  2. The ONE is The ALL, and ALL are The ONE. …And has Knowing of this ISness.
  3. Everything is HERE AND NOW…the past is only a created memory of NOW in a “past” viewpoint, and the future is only a projection from NOW with infinite possibilities in each choice. We exist ONLY in this NOW Moment.
  4. What We put out is what We get back, often referred as the Law of Attraction. As a smile in a mirror, We must change to change it.
  5. Change is the ONLY CONSTANT and every thing changes except the first 4.

Motivational Force will always make choices by what we Human Divine BEings perceive that is the closest to Pleasure and furthest from pain. BE Consciously Aware of this.
Consciously Divinely Evolving, Each Member commits, and in so doing and BEing, approves and is Personally Responsible, to the best of their ability in the Moment, to Live Life fully and to “Live LOVE and Prosper” fully in accordance with the

FUNdamental Steps in Unconditioned LOVE,
some of which are expressed below.
!BEgin in Silence!
!BE non-possessive, remembering “I own no One…“!
!BE First a Friend …and Always a Friend!!
!BE operating from the Heart in every Moment!
!BE of Service …to “THE LOVE”
!BE more Charming
…Nurturing and Authentic!
!BE Compassion. Big things count!
!BE kind. It’s the little things that count too!
!BE in Gratitude, no matter what!!! Embrace the Beauty in all Experience(s)!
!BE The Beauty of Surrender, whose traveling companion is Vulnerability!
!BE the Blossom With-In. Come from the Knowing it Blossoms Infinity!!
!BE Diligent, yet Relaxed in your Repeat, Repeat, Repeat,
… to Infinity & Beyond…!

We all then Expand into
BE LOVE, Unconditioned!

In the course, and some moments seemingly coarseness,
members come to KNOWING that:
All LOVE is Unconditional.
All LOVE is Sacred.
All that we think, say, do and feel is Sacred.
Every One is the most important person in the World.
LOVE is Always the Answer.
LOVE is the Only Answer.
As we Continue to open in Surrender to further Experience Love more fully,
in the very “highest level” possible …
we fully Open to BEing Divine LOVE.

We can count the seeds in an apple.
That gives us the potential number of trees
from that apple.
However, we cannot ever count the number of trees, apples and seeds
from the Lifespans of the subsequent trees, apples and seeds
which continue to be created with that first apple.
So it is with us!
The Magic of Love and Life continues.
Look for the Magic and You will find it!
Create the Magic, it’s at Your beck and call.
Be the Magic and it’s Eternal!
The Magic is Unconditional Love!

Thus is, How to Love Every One Unconditionally….the Magic of Life!!!


Thus is, “Live LOVE …and Prosper Society.”

This original Constitution Declared, Presented, and Noticed on 10th day of April 2015
in Sedona Node Area of Live LOVE and Prosper Society,
consists of:

The Preamble
5 Principles of Creation and
12 FUNdamental Steps in Unconditioned LOVE.
12 Disciplines of “Conduct, Actions & Organization”, and Preamble

of Instrument of Recognition
30 Articles and Preamble of Universal Declaration of Human Rights
42 Articles, Preamble, and General Provisions of New Earth Treaty:
A Planetary Covenant Of Fellowship In LOVE and Peace.
{New Earth Treaty is slightly modified herein {shown in brackets} of the
adapted and adopted original of the Live LOVE and Prosper Society Constitution}
Preamble to Amendments
Any “Amendments” are to be created and listed herein as continuation of
this original Constitution.
See “AMENDMENT PREAMBLE of the Constitution of Live LOVE and Prosper Society”
for process and procedure of “Amendments”.

With a sincere desire to establish and maintain an Expanding state of
Peaceful and Loving Coexistence
with Sovereign travelers in the Cosmos and indeed Divine BEings of Earth/Gaia,
the following

Disciplines of “Conduct, Actions & Organization”

are presented as lawful public notice to foreign jurisdictions of
a benevolent, charitable, educational, Heart-based altruistic spiritual assembly known commonly as

Live LOVE and Prosper Society

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Have FUN & BE In-JOY with us
in the Assisting in the Expansion of Unconditional LOVE!


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