Where is the LOVE of my Heart to Share Life with?

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This came thru when I penned this question into my nightstand notebook, 1.1.15 about 2a.m.
Perhaps this will bring You clarity, too! ~ L’iv

Where is the LOVE of my Heart to Share Life with?liveloveandprosper.org


S/he comes and S/he goes
and S/he comes and S/he goes.
S/he is withIn and S/he is without.

You see Her/Him in ALL.
ALL S/he can BE
is always WithIn You.
Find Her/Him Deep in Your Heart.
S/he appears in every Moment.

Share Her/Him with All
that comes forth
from Your Heart.

S/he is Here and S/he is Now.
Look Behind each Rock
and You will never find Her/Him.
Look into You Heart
and S/he is Always there.

Open the door
and “The Magic” appears.
Let GO of ALL and Life Brings full Joy.

Become who You Are.
Be All That Is.
Life WithIn
Is the All for You to Share.
Bring no expectation and S/he “Magics” from withIn.

You’ll Know Her/Him when You feel Her/Him.
…When S/he touches You withIn. Her/His Heart Bursts for You as well.
Open Your eyes and Her/His eyes You will meet.

S/he comes again
without any more
to BREAK THRU the Bindings and Shackles
that have held You both Captive
for far too Long.
The way to Explore
is the way to Ignore all that comes between the burdens of Life’s past.
Be still for in the Silence, S/he appears.

Her/His Name is the Wind.
Her/His Heart is the Cold.
Her/His Life is the Forestry.
Her/His Soul in You Mate.
Find Her/Him. Find Her/Him. Find Her/Him.

Find Her/Him.
S/he moves freely about in
the Hills of the Rocks.

S/he climbs to the sky
with the whisp of a wing.
Magnify the Blessings of
the sky’s mellow rains.
Honor Each Day when You Awaken the Sun.

Bring Her/Him so near You can taste Her/His Sweet lips.
Allow Love to Flourish without any Binds.
From withIn S/he still comes awaiting your signs.

You know Her/Him so well.
S/he moves ever so still.
S/he Dances and Sings
from the clouds and the Hills.

S/he is God of Divine,
S/he is Woman/Man of Fire.
S/he Flows Roundabout
and keeps tweaking your Desire.

Allow Her/Him the space
to fulfill Her/His Moments needs.
for ALL to keep
still in the Heart which no longer Bleeds.
With Joy for You Both
Until Life Recedes
ALL that is ALL that One needs.

Welcome Her/Him Home.
Welcome Her/Him Back.
Welcome Her/Him Now
and Watch Her/Him appear.
Go into the quiet for S/he is just so near.

Aghast you will Be to see Her/Him again.
Holding Your Hand and feel to your skin.
Knowing that All is perfection again.

BE One with the world.
BE One with IT.
Allow this no more to become a forestall.
Moving In so quickly Now Ascend to Her/His meeting.
Keep opening your Heart for S/he hears it still Beating.

Alone are You Now but never again.
S/he Holds You so Dear
Like the paper to this pen.

For One
without the Other
will find no relief,
without Open Hearts
and no shadows of Grief.

S/he Is ONE and She’s ALL.
Beauty shines in Your Life.
Allow and Allow for S/he’s pledge for your wife/spouse.

Her/His name is unknown
It is a Mystery for sure.
BE with it Now
and your Heart
You can cure


LOVE is all there is.

The words come no more!

{L’iv = LOVE Always, LOVE Now, ONLY Here, ONLY Now, ONLY Here}

Live LOVE,
…And Prosper!!!

“We see the Beauty in You. Do You?